Public Speaking: Making Impressive Presentations

Making impressive presentations can quickly elevate you to expert status on your subject and give a solid boost to the sales of your books or products. However newbies can be very hesitant and it is not uncommon for people to give lame excuses to avoid speaking in front of a group that may be a […]

How Can a Squidoo Lens Benefit You?

Squidoo is considered an authority site and having a page on this with decent quality information can generate pretty good popularity for your main site. You can create a page for yourself (called lens by them) which is your view of the particular subject you want to cover. Check out my Squidoo lens here. If […]

Want To Use Adwords But Don’t Know Where To start?

Hi If you have been thinking of exploring Adwords for getting a quick stream of targeted traffic to your site, but are stuck because you don’t feel confident you will be able to manage your account easily and generate good results, here is help. These quick tips will allow you to get a head-start and […]

Can you write a fast start kit?

Hi While I am in the process of creating fast start kits on many subjects, most of these relate to Internet marketing. If you have the expertise on other subjects like golfing, wedding planning and millions of the other activities where people can benefit by your expertise and get started with that activity quicker and […]

Which subjects you want us to cover?

Hi I am very excited to launch this fast start kits site. Mike Filsaime recently mentioned in a newsletter that there is a heavy demand for newbie training. I agree. I know there are so many things I am not doing because I don’t know where and how to start. How about you? Are you […]