How Can a Squidoo Lens Benefit You?

Squidoo is considered an authority site and having a page on this with decent quality information can generate pretty good popularity for your main site. You can create a page for yourself (called lens by them) which is your view of the particular subject you want to cover. Check out my Squidoo lens here.

If you create a page and provide quality information, then regularly update it, you can expect this page to rank fairly high in the search engine rankings for your subject. A visitor landing on this page will consume your information and there is a good chance that he will be tempted to visit your main site too.

But how to tackle this challenge? What are the best way to create a powerful page on Squidoo? Our Squidoo fast start kit (pdf format, 18K, 2 pages – right click and save-as) can help you. Get it now and take action before you forget. It will take less than half an hour to read the 2 page guide and then create your lens.