School Ski Trip – Fast start kit

Are you planning for a school ski trip? This handy guide from 321Ski will help you organise your trip smoothly with an action plan and checklist.

Taking care of the detailed plans, things to carry, bookings and emergency steps are all vital to a fun trip and this guide will make it a no-brainer.

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Public Speaking: Making Impressive Presentations

Making impressive presentations can quickly elevate you to expert status on your subject and give a solid boost to the sales of your books or products.

However newbies can be very hesitant and it is not uncommon for people to give lame excuses to avoid speaking in front of a group that may be a great potential target. Why miss out?

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SEO Made Easy – Quick Steps For SEO Of Your Web Site

Traffic is the lifeblood of a web site and should follow smoothly for it to survive. And the search engines can send hordes of free traffic if you can rank well for your favorite search terms. While search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex game with ever-changing rules, some tactics are evergreen and if a basic strategy is followed, you can get a head start over most of your competition. Here’s help:

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How Can a Squidoo Lens Benefit You?

Squidoo is considered an authority site and having a page on this with decent quality information can generate pretty good popularity for your main site. You can create a page for yourself (called lens by them) which is your view of the particular subject you want to cover. Check out my Squidoo lens here.

If you create a page and provide quality information, then regularly update it, you can expect this page to rank fairly high in the search engine rankings for your subject. A visitor landing on this page will consume your information and there is a good chance that he will be tempted to visit your main site too.

But how to tackle this challenge? What are the best way to create a powerful page on Squidoo? Our Squidoo fast start kit (pdf format, 18K, 2 pages – right click and save-as) can help you. Get it now and take action before you forget. It will take less than half an hour to read the 2 page guide and then create your lens.

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Want To Use Adwords But Don’t Know Where To start?


If you have been thinking of exploring Adwords for getting a quick stream of targeted traffic to your site, but are stuck because you don’t feel confident you will be able to manage your account easily and generate good results, here is help.

These quick tips will allow you to get a head-start and you will feel raring to go. And best of all, these tips come at zero cost (no money required, 10 minutes to read). Grab your personal copy of [Adwords Fast Start Kit ->] (PDF format, right-click and choose ‘Save as’).

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Press Releases Fast Start Kit

A religiously guarded secret of SEO pros – the press releases are great for quick publicity and link building. This has become more so after several leading press release sites like started accepting business to consumer releases also. However several people expressed complete lack of understanding of this medium and were very hesitant to explore this very potent process.

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Business Blogging Fast Start Kit

We have released our first fast start kit on the subject of blogging. Several clients got their blog setup by our [RentABlogger->] service but then got struck by the writer’s block. They could not understand what to write in the first post, how to introduce the purpose of the blog and how to format the various posts.

Do you have such a dilemma yourself? Then this blogging fast start kit (PDF format, right click and choose Save-as) is just the right thing for you. You will get quick tips about making your first few posts easily without hesitation. This is all of 2 pages and absolutely FREE of cost. Go get it NOW and start blogging easily.

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Which subjects you want us to cover?


I am very excited to launch this fast start kits site. Mike Filsaime recently mentioned in a newsletter that there is a heavy demand for newbie training. I agree. I know there are so many things I am not doing because I don’t know where and how to start.

How about you? Are you not moving down a certain path because of the initial hesitation? As you read these fast start kits, you will feel empowered – you will feel confident that you can do it too. So go ahead!

Best wishes for your enterpreneurial success!

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